Home made noddles with eggs

Tetovo homemade noodles with eggs are perfect solution for all tables even for the most demanding clients. The strong yellow color and the specific taste, make the products distinguished and favorable for years.
They are made by traditional receipt. In the content of the home made noodles, there are only three components:
-high quality corp. semolina
-20% fresh eggs that are delivered every day from our poultry farm

These noodles are rich in proteins, carbohydrates and have high energy values and are easily boiled.


Home made noodles from Tetovo

Our most famous product from the assortment of noodles is “Home made noodles from Tetovo", with the unique and distinguished taste. The optimal technology enables manufacturing of exclusively thin and fine noodle. The home made noodles from Tetovo is healthy and delicious food for all with fast way of living, as well as for the true gourmans. That is why the noodles are the most demanded product of the assortment of noodles of "Tetovka".

Home made short noodles with eggs- makaroni,spiral noodles, tarana

These noodles enable cooking of wide spectrum of dishes from the traditional and Italian cuisine. They are most delicious when combined with cheese, mushrooms, see fruits, ketchup and other kinds of sauces. The are suitable for salads and garners with other food. These unusual forms are children's favorite dish!

Homemade soup noodles

Easily boiled, with specific taste and high nutrition value. They are indispensable component of all kinds of soup.

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